The Invitation – Review

The Invitation is a new horror monster film that was directed by Jessica M. Thompson (The Light of The Moon, The End), and it stars Nathalie Emannuel (Game of Thrones, Fast and Furious 9, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials), and Thomas Doherty (Descendants, High Fidelity) and it tells the story of a young artist who finds out through an online DNA test that she has a whole side of her family she didn’t know about, and when she goes over to meet them for a wedding she falls into an unfolding mystery that haunts her family.

I honestly don’t have much to say about this movie, it’s just bad, I will give props to Nathalie Emannuel for carrying the movie with her acting, she was really really good in this movie, and also ill say some of the “Scary” moments were decently directed, but for most of the movie, it’s a bland boring monster movie with an extremely ridiculous last part that made me cringe so much.

Overall, like I already mentioned, nothing much for me to talk about here, just a bland boring horror monster film that the only good things it has going for it is the great Nathalie Emmanuel as its lead, and about two or three well-directed “scary” moments.

My score for The invitation is: 4/10


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